Special Services

Child Study Team Office 201-585-4652;1811

Fort Lee Public School District

Department of Special Services

The Fort Lee Public School District, Special Services Department is committed to the location, identification, and provision of services for children with disabilities from 3 – 21 years of age. The Child Study Team consists of school psychologists, learning disability teacher consultants, school social workers, and related service providers.

Our team ensures a free, appropriate, public education (FAPE) placement for each child in the least restrictive environment. Program options include: a general education class, in-class support (a general education and special education teacher) pull-out replacement classes/resource center classes for intense remediation, and self contained classes. Student placement depends on the various levels of support the child needs to continue to make progress.

If you child has difficulty in the areas of academic, social/emotional or behavioral problems please feel free to reach out to the Special Services Office.

Diana Davis, M.Ed., LDTC
Director of Special Services

(201) 585-4652 x1801

COMMUNITY EVENTS (Click to view flyer)
Disability Day at the Zoo2017 Disability Awareness Day - pdf.pdf

SEPAC - Monday, September 25 - LFCMS Media Center 7pm-8pm
SEPAC - Wednesday, November 29 - LFCMS Media Center 7pm-8pm
SEPAC - Monday, February 26 - LFCMS Media Center 7pm-8pm
SEPAC - Wednesday, May 2 - LFCMS Media Center 7pm-8pm

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