Fall All-League Honors

2019 Fall All-League Honors (BNC + SFC)
Posted on 11/08/2019
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Below please find the 2019 Fall All-League Honors received by Fort Lee student-athletes and coaches. 
Big North Conference - American Division
Cross Country
Ekuyami Conteh, 1st Team All-League
Cynthia Aguero, 2nd Team All-League
Jason Lei and Tiffany Park, Honorable Mention All-League
Valerie Glass and Yihsi Huang, 1st Team All-League
Isabelle Malinosky and Maya Sharpe, 2nd Team All-League
Sarah Perez, Honorable Mention All-League
John Ziemba, Coach of the Year - American Division
Boys Soccer 
Ian Aragonez and Alexander Gegechkori, 1st Team All-League
Kevin Granados and Nathan Jong, 2nd Team All-League
Ramazan Azimov, Honorable Mention All-League
Girls Soccer
Amanda Hooton and Angelina Vargas, 2nd Team All-League
Lara Neidik, Honorable Mention All-League

Girls Tennis
Stephanie Yakoff (1st Singles), 1st Team All-League
Christina Callas (1st Doubles), Honorable Mention All-League
Super Football Conference - American Red Division
Anthony Rosado (P), 1st Team All-League
Stefano Casale (S), Daniel Govin (OL) and Kevin Hernandez (DL), 2nd Team All-League
Justin Arias (WR) and Dean Park (S/C) Honorable Mention All-League