Sept 2020 Plan revised 8_23_2020

Sept 2020 Plan revised 8_23_2020
August 25, 2020

Dear Fort Lee Families,

At last night’s meeting, the Board of Education voted to begin the 2020-21 school year in a fully remote instructional model. The Board of Education has concerns regarding safety supplies (plexiglass shields, PPE, signage) that the district has not yet received. There is also a concern with having adequate staff to open the school buildings. As always the primary factor in making these decisions is the safety of the students and staff.
The district’s situation will be monitored daily. The remote instruction model will be utilized until Friday, October 16, 2020. The goal is that the district will transition back to our original hybrid plan which will allow for the use of the in-person instructional model at that time. This delay will allow us to provide the necessary safeguards for students and address our staffing needs. I am truly sorry for the challenges and inconvenience that this may cause for families.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding technology contact the Principal of the school that your children attend.

You will be receiving  specific information from your school Principal shortly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this situation.


Kenneth Rota 
Superintendent of Schools 

Fort Lee Public Schools Reopening Plan.pdf

NJDOH COVID-19 Health Recommendations NJ DOH These guidelines provide the details about when classrooms/school buildings should quarantine or close. Guidelines are also provided regarding the process for contract tracing.

July 10,  2020

Hello Fort Lee Families,

We were able to celebrate our students this week as we conducted the Fort Lee High School Graduation and Lewis Cole Middle School Promotion ceremonies. It was an opportunity to celebrate the success of those students and wish them well in their next adventure. Looking out my window now, it seems like we were lucky to plan the events for earlier in the week. 

These events clearly demonstrated one of the things that makes the Fort Lee School District special. The teamwork and effort involved, from the administrators, to school office staff, to teacher volunteers, to the custodians, was outstanding and made these events possible for the students and their families. 

That same level of effort and teamwork is going into the planning for the new school year. As you know, the Department of Education and the Governor’s office are mandating that all schools be open for some form of in person instruction while maintaining effective safety procedures. We are working diligently to develop a plan that will address the safety and educational needs of our students. Most likely, the district will be utilizing some type of a combination of in person and remote/virtual instruction.

Be assured that if/when information is available and a plan has been developed, it will be communicated to you as quickly as possible through email, voicemail and the district website.

To assist the district in planning, a survey was sent out to the district’s families. The information provided in the survey will be valuable in the planning process. The survey was re-sent on Thursday, July 9. If you have previously submitted the survey, thank you. If you have not, please take a few minutes to complete and submit the survey by Monday, July 13.

REMINDER:  Maintain your social distancing and mask wearing.  These rules are the law. 


Please find the updated google doc link below to the Community Mental Health Resource List:

The Red Cross is in need of blood and platelet donations. Please donate if you can.

Please watch the census video from Mayor Sokolich: CENSUS 2020 - Mayor Sokolich Urges Everyone to be Counted (Video) -

Stay safe  and enjoy your summer.


Kenneth Rota

Superintendent of Schools