School No. 3 Nurse's Webpage

Instructor: Mrs. Bancroft

"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." - Maya Angelou
A  Always watch for cars
B  Beware of strange animals
C  Cross the street with the crossing guard
D  Don't talk to strangers
E  Eat your vegetables to stay healthy
F  For our future: reuse, reduce, recycle
G  Good manners are needed at home and school
H  Hot stoves should not be touched
I  It is always best to wear your seatbelt 
J  Just say no to drugs and alcohol
K  Know the safety rules of home and school
L  Look both ways before crossing the street
M  Memorize your address and phone number
N  Never go with strangers
O  Obey your parents and teachers
P  Police officers are friends, ask them for help
Q  Quickly call for help when someone is hurt
R  Rules for fire safety should be learned at home and school
S  Stay seated in cars and busses
T  Teach others what you know about safety
U  Unless your parents are home, don't answer the door
V  Visit your dentist to keep healthy teeth
W  Walk to school with friends
X  X marks dangerous railroad tracks
Y  Yellow lights at intersections mean caution
Z  Zip your coat when it is cold
-Gerri Harvey's School Nurse Perspectives