School No. 4 Nurse's Webpage

Instructor: Mrs. Kondreck

Medication returns
The end of the year is fast approaching; on the last day of school your child’s medication will be placed in your child’s backpack in a large manila envelope. Enclosed you will find new forms that will have to be filled out complete by you and your pediatrician and brought in next year with the medication within the first week of school. If your child will be leaving before the last day of school please come to my office to pick up their medications. Any medication that is left in the nurse’s office will be discarded after the last day of school. If it is deemed by you and your physician that your child will not need the medication again next year I will need a note from you and your physician stating this. Any child who has life threatening medication in school this year and does not have all the appropriate paperwork filled out and medication in school OR a doctor’s note stating it is no longer necessary will be excluded from certain school activities in September until the appropriate step is taken. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Spring Allergies
If your child suffers from environmental allergies and your physicians feels that he or she should not participate in outdoor activities during the school day, a doctor’s note is required and they will stay in the cafeteria or the main office during these times. Your child will be asked to bring either a book or work to do. If you have any questions please contact the nurse’s office.
Attention 5th Grade Parents
Letters went home about the immunizations that are REQUIRED for your child to attend 6th grade. These forms need to be filled out by the pediatrician BEFORE your child may return to school in September. If you have any questions contact the nurse’s office.
Medications in School
Medication administration in school will only be permitted when the student’s health and continuing attendance in school so requires, AND WHEN THE MEDICATION IS PRESCRIBED BY A PHYSICIAN.

NO MEDICATION will be administered to students in school except by the school nurse-teacher or the student’s parent.

All medication must be delivered to the school nurse-teacher in its ORIGINAL LABELED CONTAINER BY THE PARENT/GUARDIAN and must be accompanied by a physician’s written and signed statement of:
  1. Reason for medication
  2. Name of medication
  3. Dose to be given
  4. Time to be given
  5. Date when medication is to be discontinued
  6. Possible side effects

If your child suffers an injury outside of school, please notify the School Nurse as soon as possible. A doctor’s note is required to keep a child from participating in gym. If a child is excused from gym, during outside recess they will go to the nurse’s office. We ask that they bring a book or work to do. The child will return to gym and outside recess ONLY WITH A DOCTOR’S NOTE. Any questions please contact the nurse’s office.