Subscription (Parent-Paid) Busing for 5th and 6th graders who live LESS than 2 miles from the new Intermediate School only will begin on Monday, September 9, 2019.  Parent letters/mailings with student bus passes were mailed on Tuesday, September 3rd.  The students will be transported by a LEONIA BOARD OF EDUCATION bus. 

Scheduled pick up times and bus stops are below:     

1.    7:40 a.m.                   Fort Lee High School (Main Entrance - 3000 Lemoine Avenue)

2.    7:42 a.m.                   Fort Lee School # 3 (Main Entrance - 2405 2nd Street)

3.    7:45 a.m.                   Fort Lee School # 2 (Main Entrance – 2047 Jones Road)

4.    8:00 a.m.                   Fort Lee Fire House CO # 1 (146 Main Street)

5.    8:03 a.m.                   Fort Lee School # 1 (Main Entrance – 250 Hoym Street)

6.    8:10 a.m.                   Fort Lee School # 4 (Main Entrance – 1193 Anderson Avenue)


Students must be at bus stops at least ten (10) minutes prior to scheduled pick up times.  STUDENTS MUST HAVE A BUS PASS TO BOARD AND RIDE THE BUS. 

The cost of subscription busing will be determined on an annual basis and is based on the total number of seats available, total number of paid subscribers, and administrative costs.  The cost for subscription busing for the 2019-2020 school year is $1,100 per student for two-way transportation.  There is no option of paying for one-way transportation. However, once a seat is allotted for a student and payment has been received for that student, the student can use the bus any way he/she needs.  

The $1,100 fee can be paid by check all at once or in two (2) equal installments (on or before September 30th and February 3rd). Checks should state student(s)’ complete name(s) and the words “Subscription Busing” in the memo area. Subscription busing payments must be received by the dates specified. Payment deadlines are strictly enforced.  Students will be excluded from the subscription busing program if the fees are not paid by the specified dates. Requests for special financial arrangements cannot be honored.

Financial Hardship
Financial hardship shall not be a limiting factor if your child’s/children's name(s) receive subscription busing. Under provisions of this subscription busing program, those subscription busing students who qualify for free lunches are entitled to free subscription busing.  Those subscription busing students who qualify for reduced lunches are entitled to subscription busing at 25% of the annual cost.  Submission and approval of a current-year free-or-reduced lunch program application is required. 

Subscription Busing Applications
Subscription busing seats awarded will be for one year only.  You will need to apply for subscription busing on an annual basis.  

Please direct all questions to Fort Lee's transportation email address:  

Thank you.