Superintendent Search Community Forums

Superintendent Search Community Forums

Good Afternoon,

The Board of Education is gearing up for its permanent Superintendent Search.  The Board has identified several categories of leaders in the Community as well as community stakeholders that the search firm, Strategic Educational Advantage (SEA) will gather input from.  SEA has a set of questions that they will be asking each community stakeholder group including 1) What are characteristics sought in a new permanent Superintendent? 2) What are the strengths of the Fort Lee Public Schools, and 3) What are the potential areas of growth for Fort Lee Public Schools?

Below is the list of scheduled discussion forums along with the respective Zoom link.

Thursday June 10th

Elementary Parents (grades 1-4)  Zoom 10:00-11:00 am Dr. Kuchar and Auriemma -

Mayor/Police Chief/Borough Administrator Zoom 11:00-11:45pm Drs.Kuchar & Auriemma

Central Office Support Staff Zoom 1:00-1:45 pm Zoom DrKuchar/Auriemma -

FLEA Support Staff (Custodian/Paraprofessional/Secretarial  Zoom 2:00 pm-2:45 pm Dr. Alvarez -

Elementary Faculty Forum Zoom 3:00-3:45pm Dr.Alvarez -

Intermediate/Middle School Faculty Forum Zoom 3:00-3:45pm Dr. Auriemma -

High School Faculty Forum Zoom 3:00-3:45pm Dr. Kuchar -

Administration Group: Principals, Asst Principals, Directors, Supervisors. Zoom 3:45-4:30pm Dr. Auriemma/Kuchar -

Zoom links for future forums will be posted prior to the meeting start times.

June 15th

Middle School Students (12 max)  Zoom 1:30pm-2:15 pm or during lunch Dr. Auriemma

High School Students  (12 max)  Zoom 1:15pm-2:00 pm or during lunch Dr. Kuchar

Union Officers (FLEA Secretarial/Custodian/Teachers/Paras) Zoom 3:00-3:45pm Dr. Auriemma 

Special Education Parents 9:00- 9:45 am Dr. Kuchar

PTA Group Zoom  4:00-4:45 pm (Three officers/members from each school) Dr. Kuchar/Dr. Auriemma 

MS/HS Parents  Zoom 7:00-8:00pm Dr. Kuchar/ Dr. Alvarez

June 16th

Community Forum Zoom  7:30 pm Dr. Auriemma/Dr. Alvarez

Thank you.